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  Llanrwst, A market town only a few minutes drive from Rhyd y Creuau, has a long history of flooding. Here students can discover the physical and human characteristics that make this area prone to flooding, consider the impact of previous flood events and evaluate the success of the Flood Managment scheme in place in the town. Students can also map flood risk within the town, comparing their fieldwork findings to the Environment Agencies flood risk areas in the field using ESRI ArcGisOnline.


Supporting documents including a Google Earth Tour, A video introducing you to Llanrwst,possible fieldwork, use of GIS and classroom handouts can be found here.

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Flooding Llanrwst

Flooding in Llanrwst Video




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Background Infomation Llanrwst Flooding
AQA Hydrology & Flooding Glossary
Llanrwst Flood Management Map (student Copy)
Llanrwst Flood Management Map (Completed Copy)
Conwy Valley Flooding
Conwy Valley Flooding (Completed)
Llanrwst Hydrological Cycle
Hydrology and Flooding Glossary (AS/A2)
Case Study: Flooding of the Conwy Valley
Llanrwst Flooding Risk Zones