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Glaciation and Cold Environment

Mountains of Snowdonia

The mountains of Snowdonia are inspirational place to study how ice and cold environments can shape the land. Here you find a number of resources to support your fieldtrip to FSC Rhyd y creuau, including a Google Earth Tour, 2 minute videos introducing some of our field sites, key handouts we use and background information sheets in case you want a bit more indepth site knowledge.

If there is something you think would be useful here or you have a question not answered in these resources, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and let us know and we will get back to you.

Download Cwm Idwal (upland glaciation) and Aberogwen (lowland glaciation) risk assessments here


Glaciation in the Conwy Valley

Cwm Idwal

Cwm Idwal Site Intro. video

Nant Ffrancon

Nant Ffrancon Glaciation video


Cold Environments Coversheet - A-level
Cold Environments Coversheet - GCSE
Cwm Idwal map
Cwm Idwal map - filled in with 'answers'
Cwm Idwal and Nant Ffrancon
Lowland glaciation sites (including Aberogwen)
Nant Ffrancon Field Sketch scaffold
Cwm Idwal lesson plan (A-level)
Cwm Idwal lesson plan (GCSE)