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Research Vessel

Actinia In Newton Bay


FSC Millport has a research vessel onsite often used during university field courses. The vessel is equipped with various scientific and surveying equipment, as well as a trawling beam, crane, winch and a sea water pump for maintaining marine specimens on deck in portable tanks. Our expert equipment and capable crew make our vessel ideal for scientific surveying, wildlife tours, educational trips and project work.

The R.V. Actinia is 10.8m, class III research vessel. The catamaran was specifically designed to provide a large stable deck for students and researchers to work on, and the vessel is licensed to carry 12 passengers and 2 crew.

Uses for our research vessel include, but are not limited to:

    • Scientific trawls (these provide students with benthic organisms to identify and equipping them with a greater understanding of trawl sampling techniques
    • Marine mammal and bird surveying techniques
    • Grab samples from the sea bed (due to the diverse substrates and depths near to Millport, a large range of samples can be gathered relatively quickly)
    • Plankton sampling
    • Wildlife sighting tours
    • Photography trips

The boat is also popular with schools, and our able skipper will be happy to tell groups about the wildlife they pass on a cruise along the Cumbrae coast. This trip is often combined with a rocky shore day introducing a diverse range of habitats and covering experiences and outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence.

If you are considering research on the R.V. Actinia, and may require a derogation license a brief overview of licensing is available here.

You can also download the R.V. Actinia safety policy and the risk assessment for students on board.

For more information, call 01475 531420 or email [email protected].