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Our Risk Assessments

FSC has organisational health and safety guidance outlined in our Operating Codes of Practice and Out of Classroom Risk Assessments.  You can also view our public liability insurance for more information.

Sitting underneath these organisational policies each field site has its own risk assessments and site working information cards, which list specific risks and control measures not covered by these generic documents.  FSC Millport documents are listed below.


If you require any further information please contact the office direct at [email protected] or phone us on 01475 530581.

Our main sites can be found below:

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Ballochmartin Bay
Calmac Ferry
Farland Point
Fintry Bay
FSC Millport Centre
Glasgow City Centre
Isle of Cumbrae
Millport Town, Kames Bay, Newton Bay
Noddsdale Water
RSPB Lochwinnoch
Soils Site
White Bay