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Millport Marine Research Symposium

Facing out into the Clyde Sea from the southeast shores of the Isle of Great Cumbrae, the buildings that comprise Millport Field Centre have historic significance in the annals of marine research and education. From the early days where scientific work was conducted from a floating laboratory, through the construction of Millport Marine Biological Station in 1897 to the establishment of the Scottish Marine Biological Society in 1914; the station has been a beacon for researchers and natural historians wishing to study the properties and inhabitants of the ocean. Building on decades of pioneering work as the University Marine Biological Station Millport, FSC Millport continues to act as gateway to the marine environment for thousands of students each year and contributes to our current understanding through the hosting of international research students and collaboration with other research institutes.

Since its reformation in 2014 under the banner of the Field Studies Council, one of the driving aspirations of the centre and its staff have been to pull away the veil of exclusivity that can often surround prestigious scientific institutions and open the doors to a wider variety of learners. In keeping with the FSC’s motto of ‘bringing environmental understanding to all’; the centre now provides education opportunities for all ages, from primary school residentials and high school science trips to university field courses, professional natural history courses and family holidays. The site has seawater-fed laboratories, a research vessel, scientific library, conference facilities, custom-built research facility and its own museum and aquarium to be put to use exploring the marine realm.

The Millport Marine Research Symposium was conceived with the aim of bringing marine science to as many people as possible. The breadth and quality of presentations on offer reflects the diversity and wonder of our coastlines and ocean, bringing together academics, conservationists, researchers, artists and students to celebrate our marine heritage. From plastics to poetry, dolphins to disasters, fishing to field courses; this year’s Symposium covers the full spectrum of what can be defined as ‘marine research’ and serves as a reminder of the importance of integrating different disciplines and specialisms to truly understand our impact on the ocean and its impact on us…

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