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Access Statement for Slapton Ley Field Centre

This access statement is intended to describe the structure and facilities provided for visitors at Slapton Ley Field Centre.  If any questions arise from the information provided or you will require assistance during your visit then please contact the centre using the details at the bottom of the page.

Slapton Ley Field Centre is located at the edge of Slapton village on a relatively level site.  The entrance driveway is slightly uphill leading to parking areas at the front of the site.  The centre is well lit at night with motion activated lights around reception.  The centre has Wi-Fi and good phone signal coverage and assistance dogs are welcome.

The beautiful, rural Slapton village has no pavements or street lighting along its relatively quiet roads but does have a community shop located next to the field centre and two pubs a short distance away.

The centre
The centre has 42 bedrooms including two fully accessible rooms with ensuite facilities.  There are a further 15 ground floor bedrooms, some of which have a couple of steps to enter the accommodation building.  Furniture can be re-arranged in rooms if requested.  All doors around the centre are 900mm wide and corridors are 1200mm wide, all rooms and corridors have motion or switch controlled lighting.  Emergency lighting is also installed.

There are off road parking spaces at the front of the centre and vehicle access closer to the accessible rooms can be organised.  The site consists of tarmac, paved and gravel surfaces as well as grass spaces.  Outdoor seating is available at the front of site and by the dining room. 

Visitors who seek further assistance regarding access can be provided with a centre access map on arrival.  The map has photos and notes outlining the accessibility of each building and other areas around the site.  A tour of site with a member of centre staff can be provided if requested.  The duty phone number is also provided which enables visitors to contact the centre duty staff member from their personal mobile should emergency assistance be needed.  The centre operates a duty system whereby a first aid trained member of staff is contactable 24 hours a day.    

If extra assistance is required, a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) will be completed on arrival which is referred to in the event of a fire alarm, this form is completed in liaison with the visitor by a member of centre staff and is used to ensure the visitor is evacuated appropriately.

Middlegrounds building
Reception, adult sitting rooms, toilets and accommodation
Reception, two toilets and adult sitting rooms are located on the ground floor.  There are three steps to enter the building at both the front and rear doors.  A phone to contact the centre duty member of staff is located on the ground floor of this building.  All accommodation in this building is on the first floor and is accessed from one of two staircases.

Whitegates building
Dining room, two classrooms, library and toilet
The ground floor dining room has permanent ramp access, a temporary ramp can be positioned at the rear fire door entrance if the main door is too narrow for access.  The dining room is spacious with soft flooring that improves the acoustics.  The dining room tables are 630mm in height.
The classrooms (labs 5 and 6) have carpet and soft furnishings for improved acoustics and are located on the first floor accessed via a staircase.

Mercer building
Labs 1, 2 & 3, toilets and accommodation
The labs and toilets are located on the ground floor.  Access to the building foyer involves two shallow steps, a temporary ramp can be positioned over these.  Labs 2 and 3 are easily accessible from this entrance, with no door thresholds and wide doors.  The lab spaces are equipped with tables and chairs that vary in design so higher/lower chairs and tables could be moved into required classrooms. 
Accommodation in this building can be found on both the ground floor and first floor via a staircase.
Three toilets, including a disabled toilet, are located in the foyer.

Chell building

The building is accessible via a ramp or stairs.  The building can be accessed through a drying room, or directly, through coded doors.
Accommodation on the ground floor includes two fully accessible bedrooms with ensuites that include a level entry shower, 400mm height toilet, 800mm basin height and grab rails.  Other accommodation is found on the first floor and accessed via stairs.

Games room
Common room, disabled toilet and kitchenette
Level access is found to the rear of the games room, the front of the games room is accessed via three steps with a hand rail.  The room is large and has a lino floor.

Soils lab building
Soils lab and lab 4
The soils lab is accessed over a shallow step.  Steps outside the soils lab and lab 4 are marked along their edges to help define them.
Lab 4 is accessed from a thin pathway between buildings, this pathway is well lit in the evenings.

Uplands building
Common rooms and accommodation
The Uplands building is set across a small lane adjacent to the main site, it is accessed either via an outside staircase or a short uphill driveway to access the rear of the building.  The rear door, 850mm wide, has a raised threshold but allows access to the ground floor common rooms, accommodation, toilet and washing facilities.  The common rooms are both carpeted with level entry, the accommodation access has a single small step at the entrance.


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