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Planning, Assessing and Evaluating your Course

As a field centre, we pride ourselves on the fact that we keep pace with new developments in teaching and learning strategies, and are constantly updating our resources and teaching styles in order to take account of changes to the National Curriculum, specifications and coursework.

Planning your Course

Lesson plans with differentiated learning objectives are available for all our courses.

Your FSC tutor will contact you 6 weeks ahead of your visit to discuss your course. To enable us to tailor the course to your groups needs, you will be asked about your students:

  • Prior learning.
  • Ability range.
  • Special educational needs (inside or outside the classroom).

We will then send you a detailed course programme with suggested learning objectives. Please comment on this information.

Assessment for Learning

Our particular teaching setting brings a range of unique challenges and opportunities for assessment. The principle of Assessment for Learning has become embedded in our teaching practices, and enables us to tailor our teaching to the needs and ability of the group, as well as informing students of their current levels, and raising their achievement in the content and skills that they cover during their stay.

From the beginning of the course, students are involved in setting their own targets and learning outcomes, and there are regular opportunities to review learning throughout each session. Tutors use questioning to check progress and involve students. Mini-plenaries are used to review tasks, change pace and re-focus learning. Focused plenaries at the end of each session to review learning and enable tutors to identify areas for clarification or for future learning.

Exam-related materials, including peer levelling tasks, scaffolded exam questions and modelling of exemplar work, are widely used within teaching sessions. There are regular opportunities for students to assess their own work and that of their peers, and to use mark schemes and grade explanations to address areas for improvement.

Where the focus of the course is for skills based fieldwork modules, coursework or controlled assessment, students have the opportunity to build on the required skills throughout their stay, and to improve their ability to use field equipment, carry out investigative tasks, and analyse and present data, according to clear success criteria.

Download Exemplar Student Booklet demonstrating Assessment for Learning

Evaluating Your Course

At the end of your course you will have the opportunity to complete an evaluation form. This will cover every aspect of your visit including teaching and learning, accommodation and administration. We will then use this to guide our continued development to improve your next course and the experience for others. Returning teachers comment on how we have used their comments to continue to refine and improve our courses each year.

Download Our Evaluation Form