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Slapton Line Coastal Resources

A collection of educational resources to support your study of Slapton Line:

The Slapton Ley Time Line

Weather data for January 2001 Storms

Scott Wilson Report

Executive Summary, Phase 2

Phase 1, Part 1

Phase 1, Part 2

Phase 1, Diagrams

Phase 2

Phase 2, Business Surveys

Phase 2, Consultation

Shoreline Management Plan

Map of alternative inland routes

Images of road realignment

Image of Beach nourishment

Video comparing coastal change at Slapton Ley with changes at Porlock.

Slapton Line Tourism Report

Produced in association with the Slapton Line Partnership with support from the DEFRA Pathfinder project.

The Slapton Line Partnership website details work on Slapton Sands including the Beach Nourisment and recent Sea Wall repairs at Torcross