The Growing Confidence project helps young people discover more about wildlife and wild places and have fun learning skills in their local environment. FSC Preston Montford is working in partnership with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Fordhall Community Land Initiative.

Our events and courses will give you the chance to work with experts to learn more about the wildlife and natural environment of Shropshire and develop specialist skills. If you are interested in wildlife and the natural world then FSC Preston Montford has got lots of activities and courses which will help you increase your knowledge and build your CV to help you stand out from the crowd.

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The Growing Confidence Project, part of the national Our Bright Future Programme, is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Countryside Jobs Service (CJS) has a ‘Focus on Action for Conservation: Our work building the next generation of environmental leaders’ in December 2019. Click on this link to find out about all the amazing activities that are happening around the country involving young people. Our Bright Future and Growing Confidence feature in this publication.

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Day and Residential Events

Get Out, Get Festive!

Saturday 12th December 2020, 2 – 5pm, ONLINE

We will start the afternoon with festive games and challenges. Then Sara Lanyon will guide us through an art activity. You don’t have to be an art expert to join in. All you will need is: some blank A4 paper, a pencil, an eraser, and something to create the colour blue (and a yellow, or apple-green, if possible) – this can be a felt tip, a biro, colouring pencil, crayon, chalk, water colour, or any other paints.
We then plan to end the afternoon with an opportunity for you to share with us anything you have ‘created’ this year. It might be a fabulous photo or drawing but could also be a poem you’ve written – or even a spreadsheet that you are particularly proud of! You might just want to describe to us your best memory of the year – the picture of it that you ‘created’ in your mind. (There’s absolutely no pressure here to share something if nothing particular comes to mind, please don’t be put off by this part).

Please email Kat Hinton to book: [email protected]

Growing Confidence at Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Follow this link to find out about Growing Confidence events and activities run by Shropshire Wildlife Trust (Make your Weekends Wild, Youth for the Wild events, Online Question Time events):

Online events

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we are sharing resources and activities and will be advertising our online events.

We are running a series of Question Time events via Zoom. Upcoming events will be listed here, and you will be able to book by visiting the Shropshire Wildlife Trust website:

Wednesday 25th November 2020, 5pm, online.
Youth for the Wild

2030: What’s your vision? The team at Shropshire Climate Action Partnership really want to know what you think should happen in the county to achieve net-zero carbon by the end of the next decade.
Please email Kat Hinton to book: [email protected]

Links to previous Zoom Question Time events
Link to the Question Time with MP Mr Philip Dunne (Chair of the Government’s Environmental Audit Committee):

Link to the Question Time on Flooding and River Management:

Link to the Question Time on Climate Change:

Link to the Question Time ‘Population Matters’:

Link to the Question Time ‘HS2’:

Link to ‘Fantastic Mammals and How to Find Them’ by Sam Devine-Turner:

Link to ‘Exploring Churchyards: Botanical Jewels in the Landscape’ by Mark Duffell:

Link to ‘Get Out, Get Arty’ by Sara Lanyon:


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