Join us at Slapton Ley for this sizzling herbal workshop. We’ll be taking a cool dip into how we can naturally soothe and heal our precious skin in this ever-warming planet.

Over the sizzling three days, we’ll take a cool dip into how we can soothe and heal the body’s largest organ, the skin. We’ll do this by using herbs and natural ingredients.

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With the world’s climate heating up, this is more important than ever! Nature does have all the answers and we’ll be grinding, simmering, strainingand mixing many of her offerings. Using traditional techniques, you’ll be cast back in time to some of the ancient folklore of these plants.

A. Herbs: Calendula, chamomile, rose, mint, melissa, lavender, yarrow, rosehip, witch hazel, plantain, oat, nettle, elderflower, aloe, St. John’s Wort, hibiscus, orange, dandelion and cleavers.

B. Techniques: Hot and cold herbal infusions (Sunshine brews), cream and salve making, synergy tonic, herbal extraction via oil (maceration), steam inhalation, soothing essential oil blends, herbal binding elements (coconut, beeswax).

C. Outcome: To learn which herbs and techniques can be applied to soothe and repair sun-exposed skin; to understand ‘herbal families’ in the success of natural cooling, calming and synergy outcomes; to understand pure skin cleansing techniques and the importance of waste elimination in the achievement of good, clear skin. To learn how to use herbs to make a synergetic blend for consumption in the hotter months.

What do course participants achieve through taking part?

Learning the medicinal properties of summer plants.

Learning the techniques for preservation and extraction of properties.

Gaining confidence in using natural remedies for skin healing and repair.

Learning which essential oils and herbs suit your skin type.

Students will take home:

  • Sweet botanical face mask
  • Aluminium-free deodorant.
  • Cooling Summer mist
  • Lavender and Coconut body scrub
  • Plantain healing salve
  • Aloe burns blend
  • Synergy tonic

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  • inas party scrub
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What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Picnic Lunch

Before You Attend

What to Bring

Students need to bring some of their own equipment for storage and preparation of the remedies:

  • 1 small saucepan
  • 3 glass jars (honey/jam are ideal) and lids for synergy tonic and sugar scrub
  • 1 towel for steam inhalations and personal hand drying

Opportunities to attend this course

This course is not currently available to book. Dates will follow soon.

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