Not able to do your normal school trip or fieldwork? Looking for virtual field trips? We’ve got you covered with our day, digital and outreach packages so you can choose the best way for your students to experience FSC’s fabulous outdoor learning. 

Select from a range of non-residential courses, virtual school trips, digital and/or outreach packages to find the delivery that’s right for you. You can also combine virtual fieldwork resources with socially distanced, expert tutoring.

Find out what’s on offer for your subject and student age range:

Primary age 5-7Primary age 7-11GCSE GeographyA level GeographyA level BiologyScotland: 16-18 Geography H/AHScotland: 16-18 Biology H/AHIB Geog​raphyIB Biology/ESS
Advanced Digitalyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Outreach in your local areayesyesyesyesyes
Day coursesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

This table gives you an insight in what to expect on each of our virtual school trip packages. Compare between the packages and choose what’s right for you and your pupils.  

DigitalAdvanced DigitalBlendedOutreach in your local learning area
Teacher guidance documents and Objectives yesyesyesyes
Resources for teacher-led introduction yes
Video Lesson -Introduction (location and planning) including student worksheets yesyes
Video Lesson – Fieldwork (data collection) and student workbook yesyes
Fieldwork day with one of our expert tutors at one of our brilliant locations yes
Fieldwork day with one of our expert tutors in your school grounds or local area (within walking distance from school) yes
Resources for teacher-led follow up yes
Video Lesson Follow-Up (data presentation, analysis, conclusions, and evaluation) including student worksheets yesyes
Opportunity to enhance learning through additional video lessons (GIS, Statistics) yesyesyes