Right now, our charity has over 100 schools unable to experience nature first-hand.  

These schools want their children to understand and protect life and landscapes, but face barriers to booking experiences.  

Often these barriers are financial. Sometimes children need additional support. But schools are united by knowing the value of outdoor education to increase environmental protection and support higher grades and mental wellbeing.  

£5 could help a child find and protect wildlife

Small grants make a big difference 

“The students live in inner-city areas and for the vast majority this was the first time they had set foot in the countryside. One asked me what ‘wellies’ were!


Every year, FSC supports the most disadvantaged schools. We give grants for schools to visit our day and residential education centres in the UK. These grants far reduce the cost of a trip to schools and parents. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, environmental deprivation has soared. FSC has received unprecedented demand for our grants from disadvantaged schools and parents. 

The waiting list for grants is the highest since the Field Studies Council begun over 75 years ago.  

FSC’s grants look long term 

Climate change and the biodiversity crisis means that a generation of children and young people need to experience nature first-hand.  

That’s why the grants FSC offers are more just for a year. But when awarded, we give support for several years to help embed outdoor education in a school culture.  

FSC select schools to receive grants based on a transparent criteria, including measures of pupil premium.  

“I am of no doubt that our excellent results are in no small part to the work that we do over the three-day experience. Students return to school and show much more passion to the subject.”


What’s support does FSC offer young people?  

We’re pleased you asked.  

We provide opportunities for young people to access outdoor learning when they couldn’t otherwise.  

The focus is providing great tutors and facilities to deliver the best experience. Plus specific support for people most in need through discounts, subsidies, grants, scholarships and placements.