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FSC Online Booking Process

1. After finding a course you wish to book and adding it to the basket, you must hit the checkout button and fill in all details. Your booking is then automatically sent to both the centre the course is running at, and FSC Head Office.

2. As long as your course and accommodation (if residential) have availability the centre will book your place and confirm to FSC Head Office the deposit/course fee is ready to be taken.  One of only two Head Office employees with access to our secure money transfer site will then process the deposit/course fee.

In the event you wish to amend your booking, e.g. change from shared room to a single room, then we can alter the amount taken at this stage.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to amend your booking.

3. Once payment has been taken the centre will be informed and then contact you to confirm your booking.

4. If you are booking courses at more than one centre, Head Office staff can only process the payment once every centre has confirmed the bookings.

5. If a course is fully booked, it will be marked as such on the website, and you will be unable to book.  However on rare occasions a large number of bookings in a short period of time may result in it being over capacity before this can be marked on the website.  In the event of this happening the centre will contact all affected customers directly to resolve the issue. If you are unable to book on, no money will be taken.

6. In the event the course has too few bookings, the centre will liaise with the course tutor, and cancel the course should they both agree.  If this happened you would receive a full refund.

Whilst the centres and Head Office will endeavour to complete this process as soon as possible, delays beyond our control may hinder our ability to do so. As such, this process is not automatic, and money may not be taken on the next full working day. In the event of a large influx of bookings, the Head Office staff will give priority to taking payment from the oldest bookings first, to reduce waiting times as much as possible.

For more information please read our Booking Information.