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Identifying Spring Moths

  • Location: Flatford Mill
  • Tutor: Edward Jackson
  • Date: Saturday 18 March 2017
  • Level: Open for Everyone

This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken. Explore our current programme of courses here

Moths are vital links in the web of life and come in many shapes and forms. Some species are surprisingly large and others almost too small to notice; some are wonderfully coloured and patterned, while others are dull and cryptic or amazingly camouflaged.

Emergence periods of adult moths come in waves through the year, so there are different species found flying in each season (even in mid-winter, although the number of species is very limited). This new day course is one of a suite of three at Flatford Mill in spring, summer and autumn this year. We’ll be using live moth traps (set the evening before the course in different habitats) to catch a sample of the moths on the wing overnight. Once the traps are emptied and the animals safely stored in plastic pots, we’ll introduce you to the fascinating challenges of identifying macro-moths (the larger ones!) down to species, wherever possible.

The moths sampled will be returned to their habitats that evening to continue doing what they need to do. Flight periods of individual adult moths are often one or more weeks, so their brief stay with us will not unduly affect breeding numbers. Although new moth species are colonising the UK and building up numbers all the time, populations of many once common species have declined significantly in the past few decades, often due to habitat loss and countryside practices. Knowing what species are where and in what numbers are critical to helping conserve species and habitats, so there will be lots of information on how you can contribute to knowledge in your local area and become a ‘moth-er’ yourself!

The course starts at 0930 and ends at 1630.

Edward Jackson is a former Head of Centre at FSC Flatford Mill.  He now runs his own wildlife consultancy specialising in wildlife surveys and short training courses on birds, moths and other invertebrates.  He regularly runs light traps at home and at other sites across Suffolk and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and interest in moths with others.

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