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Play in the Outdoors - Exploring How to Facilitate and Observe Play

  • Location: Bishops Wood
  • Tutor: Lily Horseman and Jon Cree
  • Date: Monday 24 September 2018
  • Times: 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM
  • Level: Open for Everyone

How do we take cues from children in the outdoors to facilitate deep play; what does the outdoors offer for deep play; and what learning are we as faciltitators of play in the outdoors looking for? These are fundamental questions for all practitioners working with play in the outdoors. Outdoor play and 'games' will be shared on this day to explore the possibilities the natural world and outdoor elements offer for meaningful play – from the creative to the rough and tumble. On this day we will explore in detail the ludic (play) process, how do we, as practitioners, interact with outdoor play to support learning and development; and how do we really understand what learning and development is happening during outdoor play.

child and insect play

Lilly Horseman is known nationally for her training in play, having a long history in the play world and involvement in 'Wildplay'. She runs Kindling Play, is a Forest School trainer and director for the Forest School Association.

Jon Cree is also a nationally 'known' Forest School trainer, co-ordinates the training at Bishops Wood, and is a Forest School Association director.

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