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Identifying Coastal Plants

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Designed to help the beginner, this course will look at both identification and ecology of coastal plants. It will give participants practical experience in the identification of saltmarsh and sand dune plants. There will be time to carry out vegetation surveys in both habitats using a variety of survey techniques and both habitats will be viewed in their environmental context, with special reference to the process of ecological succession. There will be discussion on how various plants are adapted to living in these two quite extreme environments, and during the course there will be informal slide identification quizzes. There will be a practical assessment at the end of the course on the common saltmarsh and sand dune plants. This is an accredited course suitable for professionals or interested amateurs and ends at 11am on 31st May.

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John Archer-Thomson has a long association with Pembrokeshire and was previously Assistant Head of Centre at Dale Fort. His special interests include diving, photography, ecology and natural history.


This is one of a series of courses run jointly with Manchester Metropolitan University contributing to the MSc Biological Recording and the University Certificate in Biological Recording and Species Identification. The University Certificate is being discontinued so is no longer open for new registration. Existing certificate students will be able to gain credits in the 2018/19 academic year. To gain university credits you must be registered for the Masters programme in advance of this course. For further details please contact:

The Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology Manchester Metropolitan University. E-mail: [email protected]

There is assessment of the course through, for example, identification tests, producing survey reports or field journals, working through keys and other various pieces of work.

The course is also suitable for non-credit students and for those enrolling on the new certificate course with FSC. For further details on this course please contact FSC Head Office at [email protected]

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This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken.

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