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Identifying Moths and Butterflies

  • NON-RESIDENT: £170

A weekend introducing the identification and natural history of perhaps the most visually appealing of all insect groups. Only live viewing techniques are used: light traps and sugaring for moths and sweep nets for butterflies. We will discuss the benefits of the different trapping methods and the different types of light trap. Working through the moth catch in the morning is complemented by afternoon excursions to look for and identify butterflies on the wing. Local butterfly species include Silver Washed Fritillary, White Admiral and Purple Hairstreak and the larger moths include Poplar, Privet, Pine and Elephant Hawk Moths. Bursaries are available for this course, generously organised by the Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service. Please contact FSC Flatford Mill for details.

Sheila Wright is a County wildlife recorder for Nottinghamshire with a long-standing interest in moths and butterflies.


This is one of a series of courses run jointly with Manchester Metropolitan University contributing to the University Certificate in Biological Recording and Species Identification.  This qualification is being discontinued so is no longer open for new registration.  Existing certificate students will be able to gain credits in the 2019/20 academic year. The course remains a  module choice for the Masters programme. To gain university credits you must be registered for the Masters programme in advance of this course.  For further details please contact:

The Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology Manchester Metropolitan University. E-mail: [email protected]

There is assessment of the course through, for example, identification tests, producing survey reports or field journals, working through keys and other various pieces of work.

The course is also suitable for non-credit students and for those enrolling on the new certificate course with FSC.  For further details on this course please contact FSC Head Office at [email protected]

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