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Spider ID with Microscopes 1: Families (SE Region)

  • Location: FSC London: Bushy Park
  • Tutor: Lawrence Bee
  • Date: Wednesday 23 October 2019
  • Times: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Course Fee: £5
  • Course Fee + Identification Guide: £13.50

This course is fully booked on this date but you can join the waiting list (by scrollling to the bottom of the page) in case space becomes available or it is run on another date.

With over 670 species of spider known to occur in Britain, ID can seem a little overwhelming to complete beginners. However, spiders can be broken down into spider families like Jumping Spiders, Crab Spiders and Orbweb Spiders. The 37 families can be separated by looking at characteristics such as distinctive family-specific features, eye arrangement and body plan.

This course will provide an introduction to identifying spiders to family level using the FSC AIDGAP Keys to the families of British spiders. The course will include a short presentation introducing the features used to identify specimens to family level. During the course participants will:

  • Learn about the different families of spider in Britain
  • Gain experience looking at spider ID features using a microscope.
  • Use an ID key to determine spider specimens accurately to family level. 
  • Know how to take their interest further.


Please note that this course will involve using specimens that have been killed and preserved.   This course is intended for adults only so it is not suitable for children.  

Lawrence Bee has worked in environmental education for over 30 years. As an experienced arachnologist, he has undertaken arachnid surveys in Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire, led training workshops and regularly gives lectures on a range of natural history subjects. Lawrence is also a council member of the British Arachnological Society (BAS) and has produced a number of spider-related publications including the the FSC Spiders in the house and garden fold out chart and the recent Britain’s Spiders – A Field Guide, which has been well received by arachnologists and the wider natural history community.


This course is heavily subsidised by the FSC BioLinks Project (funded by the Heritage Fund).

Booking Options:

  • £5.00 to attend the course.
  • £13.50 if you wish to attend and purchase a copy of the FSC AIDGAP British Spider Families Identification Key, which we will be using on this course. Copies of the key will be available to use on the course for free, this option is for any attendees who wish to take their interest further after the course. 


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This course is currently fully booked. You can request to join the waiting list.

Course Fee : £5

Course Fee + Identification Guide : £13.50

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