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Field ID of Shieldbugs (SE Region)

  • Location: Head Office
  • Tutor: Joe Gray
  • Date: Friday 02 August 2019
  • Times: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Level: Beginners
  • Course fees: £5

This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken. Explore our current programme of courses here

True bugs (Hemiptera) are one of the largest groups of insects found in the UK, with nearly 2000 species. There are around 45 species of shieldbugs. They are characteristic, colourful, and immediately identifiable bugs, named after their shield-like shape. They are found in most habitat types, some species are carnivorous, but most feed on sap sucked from foliage and berries etc.  

On the course you will be: 

  • introduced to shieldbug ecology 

  • taught the names of different features on their bodies 

  • shown how to identify distinctive species 

  • helped to learn and practice identification techniques 

  • introduced to submitting shieldbug records 


Please note: this course is aimed at adults only and is not suitable for children. 

Joe Gray is the Hertfordshire (VC20) county recorder for shieldbugs, plant bugs, and allies and is a regular contributor to The Hemipterist, a journal covering the order in which shieldbugs sit. He is also a co-founder of the Herts Invertebrate Project, which is an initiative aimed at increasing the recording of invertebrates through a series of site surveys each year.  

Joe has been awarded Fellowships of both the Royal Entomological Society and the British Naturalists' Association. For the latter, he also serves as a trustee and runs insect-focused field meetings in the Herts area. 

Beyond his fascination with true bugs, Joe is more broadly interested in conservation, especially the ethical aspects of our duty to wildlife and wild places. 

This course is heavily subsidised by the FSC BioLinks Project (funded by the Heritage Fund). 

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This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken.

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