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Ground Beetle ID with Microscopes 2: Species (WM Region)

  • Location: Preston Montford
  • Tutor: Caroline Uff
  • Date: Wednesday 04 September 2019
  • Times: 10 am - 4 pm
  • Level: Advanced
  • Course fee: £5

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The family Carabidae, commonly called ground beetles, is made up of just over 350 species in Britain and Ireland. Carabids have wide-ranging roles within food webs and are opportunistic predators preying on soil dwelling insects, including caterpillars, wireworms, maggots, ants, aphids and slugs (coleoptera.org.uk). 

This course is aimed at people who are already familiar with general beetle morphology and have experience of keying beetles out to family and/or tribe.  It is a direct follow-up to the previous Ground Beetle ID with Microscopes 1: Tribe, although you do not have to have attended that one to come along to this (although it is recommended).  The majority of the course will be spent using keys and microscopes to identify ground beetles to genus and where possible species.  The course will include: 

  • Refresher on species group morphology, including details of features required for microscopic ID 

  • Refresher on keys and microscopes 

  • Refresher on use of key (where applicable) 

  • Practicing identifying preserved specimens to species 

  • Information on preservation & curation  

  • Info on species recording, submitting records and connecting with schemes, societies and groups.

Please note: this course is aimed at adults only and is not suitable for children. 



Caroline Uff is the Shropshire Recorder for Coleoptera and since childhood has been fascinated by all types of insects. She has a particular interest in those beetles that can be readily found on vegetation, such as the leaf beetles, longhorns and soldier beetles, but also studies other groups, such as beetles associated with ancient trees. Caroline has worked as an Ecologist for the National Trust for 18 years where she trains teams of staff and volunteers to assess wildlife habitats on National Trust land, from the Worcestershire parklands to Peak District bogs. She is co-author of Wild Mynd: The Birds and Wildlife of Long Mynd, and The Living Edge: A Wanderer's Guide to Wenlock Edge. 

This course is heavily subsidised by the FSC BioLinks Project (funded by the Heritage Fund).

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Course fee : £5

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