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Gaelic Legends, Nature and Landscape

  • Location: Glenmore Lodge
  • Tutor: Roddy Maclean
  • Dates: Friday 27 September 2019 to Sunday 29 September 2019
  • Level: Open for Everyone
  • NON-RESIDENT: £245

The Highlands of Scotland are home to a magnificent landscape which is heavily populated with Gaelic tales and legends. This course gives non-Gaelic speakers a view into that Gaelic world, where history, oral tradition, a unique interpretation of nature and environment, and a fertile collective imagination have created a web of indigenous knowledge and understanding which can enlighten and inspire. Clients will be introduced to some of the characters of the famous hero legends of the Gàidhealtachd and will visit places within the Cairngorms National Park which play host to stories, some well-known, others more obscure. They will also learn something of the Gaelic view of nature and some terminology and anecdotes relating to native plant and animal species. Fluent Gaelic-speakers and learners of the language are also particularly welcome.

Note: sole accommodation may be available by contacting Glenmore Lodge to discuss availability.

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