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Top 10 Plant Families

  • Location: Preston Montford
  • Tutor: John Handley
  • Date: Sunday 02 June 2019
  • Times: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Level: Open for Everyone

This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken. Explore our current programme of courses here

Finding out which of the top 10 plant families your flower belongs to is an important first step in plant identification. Field botany can be fun and rewarding adding interest to countryside visits and often leads to further understanding of our important wildlife sites. Getting to grips with plant families helps anyone starting out to name that plant. This course is classroom-based to help you understand the layout in flower guides and inspire confidence in field identification. The course builds from the basics starting with understanding plant families and how each plant is classified by taxonomists into the relevant grouping which helps the beginner to recognise how plants are placed in families and by the end of the day all should be able to recognise the common species in 10 of the most popular plant families.

John Handley is the Director of CH Ecology, an independent ecologist and consultant, providing surveys and training on behalf of conservation agencies and Local Authorities. John has a background within amenity horticulture as a Technical Manager, providing advice and training to Local Authorities, prominent sports facilities and private land owners. John is an enthusiastic communicator and botanist.

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This course is now historical and therefore no bookings can be taken.

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