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There are 101 mammal species in the UK, 12 of which have been added to the UK ‘red list’. One in five of British mammals are at risk of extinction, due to factors such as climate change, destruction of wild habitat, spread of disease and the use of pesticides. The Mammal society are encouraging people to download and use the mammal mapper to enable you to record signs and sightings of mammals in the UK.

Hedgehog Highway (1)

Hedgehog Action 

Our hedgehog population has been declining drastically in the UK, one of the main reasons behind this decline being our fences and walls are becoming more secure, restricting their movement and reducing the amount of land available to them.
We have already lost a third of our hedgehogs since the millennium. FSC Rhyd-y-creuau  in Snowdonia has recently introduced a hedgehog highway, and the UK now has a road sign featuring a hedgehog, warning drivers to keep a look out for small animals on the road.


Brown -Long -Eared -Bat ---Hugh -Clark Small (2)

 Know your Bats!

In Britain we have 18 species of bat, all of which are insectivores, but 1300 species exist worldwide. Many of our native bats are under threat, due to loss of food supply and the loss of roosts and habitats. Bats are fascinating animals, but elusive because they are invisible and inaudible to us most of the time. On FSC Bat Identification courses you will learn how bat detectors can be used to identify bats in flight, using their echolocation calls.


To help you recognise the different types of UK bats FSC have created the Bats Identification Guide.

To help you recognise the different types of UK mammals FSC have created the mammal track and signs chart and the FSC Land mammals Identification Chart

Land -mammals Small (2) Bats Chart Small (2)

We are pleased to work with the Mammal Society and Bat Conservation Trust.

Most of the mammal identification courses below involve a strong emphasis on identification skills, starting with general principles and moving on to more detailed mammal identification.

Why choose an FSC mammal identification course?

  • Location: FSC Centres have been chosen for their stunning locations and access to wonderful flora and wildlife, ensuring you enjoy your mammal identification course
  • Expert staff: FSC mammal courses are led by expert tutors who are passionate about the subject
  • Career development: mammal identication courses are available at all levels from beginner through to professional training.