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Fungi Courses

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Why Choose an FSC Fungi Course?

  • Location: FSC Centres have been chosen for their stunning locations and access to wonderful flora and wildlife, ensuring you enjoy your fungi course
  • Expert staff: FSC fungi courses are led by expert tutors who are passionate about the subject
  • Career development: fungi courses are available at all levels from beginner through to professional training

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Reviews of Customers on Fungi Courses

Great course for beginners to get a gentle intro the world of fungi. Came away from the course feeling like I had a good idea of how to start identifying major groups. Autumn Fungi
at Juniper Hall

Excellent course, first class tutor, learnt a great deal about fungi. Identifying Fungi at Kindrogan

I had a wonderful weekend at Juniper Hall. Our tutor was brilliant - very inclusive with everyone, very knowledgeable and entertaining about fungi facts and folklore. Autumn Fungi at Juniper Hall

This was my first introduction to fungi and it proved to be quite a challenge. However it was very informative and I did manage to remember the names of a few fugitives. The tutor was very skilled and gave very good explanations.Identifying Fungi at Kindrogan

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  • The FSC Fungi Name Trail is designed for speedy identification of the main groups of fungi (mushrooms, toadstools) found in gardens, grassy places and woodlands. 

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The list below shows the current fungi courses available.  Full details of each fungi course can be found by clicking on the title.