We recognise the value that apprenticeships can offer to both the individual and the organisation and so we are proud to offer a variety of different apprenticeship opportunities. 

Some roles are specifically recruited as Apprentice positions and are advertised as such via our vacancies list.

On-the-job apprenticeships also form part of our ongoing learning and development strategy for the continued development of our employees and may be offered to individuals as appropriate to their role.


Examples of apprenticeships that some of our team members have completed include:

L2 Production Chef

L3 Hospitality Supervisor

L3 Assistant Accountant

L3 Outdoor Activity Instructor

Each apprenticeship scheme is delivered in collaboration with a training provider.

Part of our mission is to help people to realise the breadth of career options open to them in environmental occupations, and an apprenticeship is a great first stepping stone.

We’re able to train our own staff through these apprenticeship schemes giving us a steady pool of well-qualified individuals each year. In gaining these qualifications, apprentices will then have the skills they need to either stay with us, progress into further or higher education or move into a different sector.

Our apprentice retention rate is about 80 per cent, and almost all of those who don’t choose to stay with us continue on to further education such as full teacher training which is great for the wider environmental education sector.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with our recruitment team.