Training and Development

We are committed to providing our employees with appropriate quality learning and development opportunities. As well as an initial induction, such opportunities might also include role and task specific training/shadowing; ongoing compliance training; or career progression and development training, as appropriate to your role.


Subject to having three years or more continuous service with FSC, you will be eligible to apply for an unpaid sabbatical of up to six months to e.g. undertake research or volunteer work, or learn a new skill.


Subject to availability you can choose to be resident on site in staff accommodation*. If you live on site, food is included during your working hours and you will pay an accommodation charge of up to 20% of your salary. The availability of accommodation will be clearly stated during the recruitment process.

Living on site is an opportunity to enrich your working life, fully immerse yourself in the Centre and form friendships that last a lifetime.

* For those employed on seasonal contracts, accommodation would only be provided during the core season. 


Workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) as appropriate to the role is provided.

Our Locations

Our field centres have been selected with great care to ensure the right setting and environment to encourage learning. Each has its own particular attraction: many are historic buildings set in stunning landscapes with rich and diverse natural environments right on the doorstep. You too could benefit from working in such an environment: whether your interests are activity based, focussed on the natural world, or simply sitting admiring the view, there is a field centre that will appeal to you. 

Free Parking

As an environmental charity, we encourage our employees to limit car use where possible e.g. by car sharing, cycling or using public transport, however, we recognise that this is not always practicable and so offer free parking at the majority of our locations.

Free Tea/Coffee

Free tea and coffee is provided at the majority of our locations. There also tends to be an abundance of cake at our residential field centres, and we have even published a fold-out identification chart to celebrate our strong tradition of cakes and share tried and tested recipes from our field centres all over the UK!


Discounts from certain retailers are available for staff from time to time, please ask for details when you join us.

We offer all of our staff a 30% discount when staying at our locations or booking onto leisure courses.

I’m part of the hospitality team for long as 10 years. I have loved making all our visitors stays more enjoyable through serving them tasty food and clean and comfortable accommodation.

Centre Assistant