We look forward to welcoming you to FSC Juniper Hall. FSC has worked hard to make our centres covid-secure and we are grateful for your co-operation with our procedures. 

We hope that this answers your questions about how your visit to FSC Hall will run but please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Please be assured that the safety of our visitors and our own team and community are of paramount importance to us.   


We no longer collect paper copies of student information. To help your course tutor plan for any additional or special needs, please let us know any medical issues or special needs in advance. You must bring a student list and emergency contact details with you on the day in case of emergency.

What to Bring – Students

  • Packed lunch and a snack for the afternoon. This applies for the first day of a residential visit and to all day visits.
  • Waterproof, wellies and warm clothing, sun hat and sun cream. Wellies are needed if visiting river sites and for biology coastal days. If not bringing wellies please bring strong, watertight shoes or boots.

Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to loan clothing and boots, therefore we are asking students to bring their own waterproofs and wellies/appropriate footwear.

  • Small rucksack (for carrying lunch, waterproofs, equipment, and coursework folders if applicable).
  • Clipboard, pens, pencils, rulers and for GCSE and above, a folder for their work and paper.
  • Mobile phones: Please follow your school’s policy on bringing phones.

FSC cannot accept liability for the loss, theft or damage of any property students bring.


  • We are unable to begin teaching until the appointed start time.
  • Students will be asked to wait in your vehicles, until the lead Teacher has checked in at reception, where a quick introduction to the centre will be given to include any Covid 19 instructions. The reception entrance is through the side door to the left of the main house.
  • Your FSC Tutor will collect your group from the vehicles and take you to the classroom.
  • If parents are dropping students off they will need to wait for the lead teacher of the school to arrive to hand over students. FSC do not have duty of care over students and are unable to look after students waiting for their school to arrive.
  • If you arrive early and want to wait or take a break from your transport there is parking at Ryka’s towards the bottom of the Old London Road; RH5 6BY.
  • If you have any problems on arrival, please call the office on 01306 734500.

School Bubbles

  • Schools will be taught in separate ‘school bubbles’. School bubbles will be allocated separate classrooms, mealtimes, and outside areas.
  • There will be no shared facilities (eg Common Room) open. If remaining on site all day, students will use their classrooms for lunch/breaks.


  • A maximum capacity will be set for each classroom.
  • Classroom space will be allocated according to your group size, teaching bubbles and social distancing guidelines.
  • A designated teaching area will be allocated to FSC Staff
  • A seating plan will be used and maintained throughout the course duration. Tables are arranged forward facing and classrooms are well ventilated.

Face Coverings

Face masks are to be worn in all communal areas and in vehicles (unless exempt).

Enhanced Cleaning

  • We are operating an enhanced cleaning regime throughout the centre, which includes additional cleaning to high touch points/areas.
  • Bedrooms will not be entered during your stay, unless specifically requested.


  • Equipment and resources will be cleaned or quarantined between uses by different bubbles.
  • Timings for teaching days may vary to fit with staggered mealtimes.

Rooming for residential trips

  • Reduced capacity will be in operation throughout the centre.
  • We will room students at a maximum of 6 per bedroom.
  • Numbers of people in the room will follow the government guidelines in place at the time of arrival.

Dining (mealtimes)

  • Serving of meals will follow government guidelines at time of arrival.
  • Mealtimes will be staggered to control numbers in the dining room.
  • School bubbles will have separate mealtimes. This may increase the number of sittings for meals during your stay. Please ensure you adhere to the times you are designated.
  • There will be a 10-minute gap between sittings to allow our staff to clean down the dining room.


  • FSC tutors will have separate transport arrangements for travel to fieldwork sites.
  • Vehicles will be cleaned after each use.
  • A maximum capacity will be set for each vehicle.

Emergency Procedures

We have carefully reviewed our duty arrangements to ensure they are covid-secure, in line with industry standards and clear for FSC staff and customers. We will confirm arrangements with group leaders on arrival but please ask in advance if you have any questions as it may have changed from your previous experience.

Further Information

Further information can be found on our website including our Covid Risk Assessment.