We look forward to welcoming you to FSC Millport. FSC has worked hard to make our centres covid-secure and we are grateful for your co-operation with our procedures. 

We hope that this answers your questions about how your visit to FSC Millport will run but please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Please be assured that the safety of our visitors and our own team and community are of paramount importance to us.   

On arrival

  • Head to reception (through glass atrium at the front of the Robertson Building). If the main reception is locked, please use the “duty phone” (just press the button) to summon a member of duty staff to you. Please limit the number of guests in this area to two at any one time .
  • Duty staff will deal with your enquiry, perform “check-in” if necessary and talk you through our current procedures for guests on site as we continue to follow government guidelines. This will include the use of the on-call duty staff, sanitisation points, one-way systems and dining room etiquette, all of which are clearly sign posted for guest convenience.
  • The use of masks on site will be in line with government guidelines at the time of your visit.


  • Situated in the Elmhirst and Millott Buildings on site – clearly sign posted and currently utilising a one way system (which will be explained to you at the time of check-in with entry and exits clearly sign posted). 
  • There is sanitiser at entry points to buildings and all bedrooms have en-suites with soap dispensers
  • Beds will be allocated in line with government guidelines at the time of your visits which may result in reduced capacity on site.

Dining room

  • Located in the Millott Building, please use the sanitiser provided before entry.
  • This will be used in line with government guidelines at the time of your visit and we would ask you to adhere to these during your stay. This may result in staggered mealtimes in order that we comply with said guidelines and if allocated a timeslot we would respectfully ask that you adhere to this as it will have been done to reduce congestion and or cleaning between sittings.
  • Please note that we will endeavour not to impact on your teaching timetable but if staggered meal times are required then this may be unavoidable.

Lab and classroom spaces

  • Allocated in accordance with your booking size and to comply with government guidelines at the time. This may result in reduced capacity and the requirement for your group to utilise additional teaching space.

Equipment and resources

  • This will be allocated in accordance with group size and exclusively to your group for the duration of your stay. We would ask that you do not share with other groups. If you require additional equipment or have finished with a particular item, please advise a member of staff.
  • Between uses this will be thoroughly cleaned or quarantined.
  • If vehicles are required they will be cleaned after each use and would ask you to adhere to the maximum capacity set for each under current government guidelines at the time of your visit.

Emergency Procedures

We have carefully reviewed our duty arrangements to ensure they are covid-secure, in line with industry standards and clear for FSC staff and customers. We will confirm arrangements with group leaders on arrival but please ask in advance if you have any questions as it may have changed from your previous experience.