Thank you for your interest in FSC’s Kids Fund, Bursary Fund and Young Environmentalist’s Fund. The disruption to education from the Covid-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the needs of our most disadvantaged learners.  

From 1st June 2020 FSC subsidised schemes Kids Fund, Bursary Fund and Young Environmentalist’s Fund ended in their current form. Their success to date will help inform a new, simpler system that will be available soon.

Because we expect increased demand for our subsidy schemes, we are taking the opportunity to review and revamp them. The guiding principle of the new scheme will remain FSC’s support for the most disadvantaged learners to experience to high quality outdoor learning. 

Any new FSC Bursaries are dependent upon receiving donations from individuals and charitable trusts. If you’d like to support disadvantaged young people to access an FSC experiences, please consider making a donation here. Thank you.