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Better Real Fieldwork – Virtual Reality

Field Studies Council (FSC) is part of an exciting new educational technology project exploring the value of Virtual Reality environments to complement fieldwork.

This project is exploring how virtual reality technology can support and enhance students experience of fieldwork outside the classroom. The FSC believes that first-hand experience of fieldwork is increasingly essential for all students and also that virtual technologies can enable students to get even more from their real world learning.

Virtual field trips to 3D landscapes can offer students studying a range of subjects including geography, science and geology the chance to explore the area before their visit, start to develop their routine fieldwork skills and to begin planning some of the questions they could be investigating during their fieldwork visit. After the course the virtual landscape is able to help with revision and further exploration of secondary data.

The innovative software will be developed by FSC with 3D specialists Daden, DesignThinkers, the National Trust and a research team at the Open University.

Dave Morgan, Educational Technology Officer at FSC explains: “Daden Ltd will be building a 3D virtual landscape of Carding Mill Valley in south Shropshire, close to our Preston Montford field centre. We’ll then test this out with some of the schools and colleges who visit the centre and carefully assess the educational benefits. It’s a great project for FSC to be involved in as we are constantly working on ways to integrate new technologies within the fieldwork experience.”

Find out more at www.daden.co.uk/conc/trainingscapes/design

Tuesday, November 24, 2015