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FSC is proud to present the ‘Year of Fieldwork’

Field Studies Council, has joined together with Esri UK, the Geographical Association, Ordnance Survey and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to create the ‘Year of Fieldwork’.  We will be working collaboratively to promote the value of geographical fieldwork and the wide range of resources, training and other support that is available to schools and colleges across the UK. year of fieldwork logo

The ‘Year of Fieldwork’, will run throughout the academic year 2015-16. It aims to bring together a range of partners to celebrate out-of classroom learning and opportunities and to offer support for those that wish to develop these further. Our hope is that schools and colleges across the country join with us to celebrate fieldwork and the opportunities it provides not just during the ‘Year of Fieldwork’, but throughout the life of learners.

Find out more on our principal purposes of the ‘Year of Fieldwork’.




Tuesday, April 21, 2015