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FSC school visits and the threat from terrorism

FSC chooses its field sites and activities carefully and has further reviewed these in the light of the recent increased risks, especially in major cities. In the unlikely event of being caught up in a major incident FSC has robust systems based on best available guidance from law enforcement agencies.

FSC operate in accordance with OEAP guidance procedures including 6k: Visits and the threat from terrorism: http://oeapng.info

FSC also use Operating Codes of Practice (OCoPs) including, should it be required, one for major incidents. Every teaching site is risk assessed and Site Working Information Cards (SWICs) containing emergency information are carried by staff. Staff are frequent visitors to the teaching sites and remain alert to changes or issues associated with a site.
Staff will work with teachers prior to the visit to ensure:
•    Appropriate communication between FSC staff and schools is in place
•    Alternative teaching sites are used if required
•    Content of the sessions is adapted if required
•    Minimising time in transport hubs or busy areas
•    Suitable meeting points are identified for the start of the day and during the day including appropriate lunch stops

Monday, June 12, 2017