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GA Presidency role for FSC Head of Centre

Nick Lapthorn, who is Head of Centre at FSC Nettlecombe Court, has taken up the role of President of the Geographical Association.

The GA is the subject association for teachers of geography in England and Wales and has a membership of over 5,000. The post is voluntary and Nick undertakes the role alongside his normal duties for FSC.

Nick has worked for Field Studies Council since 1996, initially as a tutor and as a Head of Centre since 2002 working at a range of locations. During this time he has been involved with enabling fieldwork opportunities for well over 100,000 young people and have seen the benefits that direct experience of geography as a living subject can bring.

Nick was an active member of the Geographical Association's 'Fieldwork' group since 2000. During this time he has acted as member, Secretary and Chair of the group since 2010. He has contributed regularly to GA publications, articles for journals and consultations, and is a regular presenter at GA Conference and more widely promoting fieldwork. To help communicate with as many people as possible he established the @geogfieldwork Twitter account which now has over 3,500 followers in the UK and overseas.

His Presidential theme for the year is 'Real World Geography'.

Nick has been Junior Vice-President and Senior Vice-President from 2015 and took up the role of President on 1st September 2017. Further information on the Geographical Association can be found at


Wednesday, September 20, 2017