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Happy 75th Birthday FSC!

Message from Professor Tim Burt - FSC President

I thought a brief word of celebration was in order today, FSC's 75 birthday. It is important to celebrate this important milestone - it is no mean feat for any charity, large or small, to survive for this length of time. This is down to the hard work and dedication of many people over many years, staff and supporters.

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As you probably know, FSC (originally the Council or the Promotion of Field Studies) was founded on 10th December 1943 at the Natural History Museum. Far-sighted people led by Francis Butler saw the need for people, children especially, to be able to escape their bombed cities and to be able to study natural history in the relative peace and tranquillity of the countryside. Today our business may be more complex but the original purpose remains, for me best summarised in FSC's old motto: "Environmental understanding for all". FSC's work remains even more important today as the impending threat of climate change looms ever larger. It is more important than ever that FSC continues to thrive.

Happy birthday FSC. Please flourish for another 75 years (at least)!

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Monday, December 10, 2018