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Have you seen our new fold out charts?

At the end of last year we published two new FSC fold out charts. The first being the family friendly Garden Bugs and Beasties and the more advanced chart Guide to Chalk Rivers of England.

If you want to get the family outdoors and get children exploring all the creepy crawlies in your garden, then Garden Bugs and Beasties fold out chart is a fantastic buy for you. This eight page chart unfolds with a front four page illustration of spiders, ladybirds, butterflies, slugs, wasps, crickets and many more with some including life size pictures. On the end page you will also find a tiny ruler on the side to measure all the bugs that you have found. The four back pages have an easy guide on where to find these invertebrates, how to get a closer look and a brief invertebrate fact file on each bug. You will become expert bug hunters all in the comfort of your garden.  

Find out more or order your copy of Garden Bugs and Beasties fold out chart.



The Guide to Chalk Rivers of England is a detailed eight page fold out chart. Produced in partnership with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. Unfold the first four pages of this chart, to find detailed illustrations of insects, molluscs, mammals, fish and plants that live in and around chalk streams and rivers. The four back pages you will find, an in depth guide on how chalk rivers are formed, where they are located, the seasonal cycle and threats they face. This chart is a must for anyone wanting to explore their knowledge on Chalk Rivers in England.

Find out more or order your copy of The Guide to Chalk River of England fold out chart.




FSC publications has a wide variety of other charts and guides with over 70 titles in the series. Clear colour illustrations help you make a positive identification quickly.   

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015