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How many Dragonflies can you spot this July?

This July if you are taking a walk along a river or are simply relaxing by a lake or garden pond you are sure to spot a dragonfly or damselfly which are fast-flying, four-winged insects with long bodies and large eyes.

Dragonflies are large and robust, strong fliers and can be seen well away from water. Hindwings are usually shorter and wider than the forewings, at rest the wings are held open. Their large eyes are very close together and often touch. The adult dragonfly has the biggest eyes in the insect world and they can detect movement up to 15m away.

Damselflies are Small and slender, are weaker fliers and usually seen near water. Their hindwings and forewings are roughly the same size and shape and at rest they hold them closed along the body (except for the emerald damselflies). Their eyes are on either side of the head and never touch.

Large Red Damselfly  Southern Hawker Dragonfly

There are 6,500 named species of dragonfly worldwide. In Britain and Ireland there are about 30 species of dragonfly and about 20 species of damselfly.

Did you know?
Dragonflies can fly backwards, change direction in mid-air and hover for up to a minute.

Download our dragonfly spot document which includes four species to look out for here.


Monday, July 2, 2018