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Key to the earthworms of the UK and Ireland

From Dendrobaena worms in compost to lob worms in angling bait, the humble earthworm is justly celebrated. Now for the first time a user-friendly guide has been published to help put a name to all 27 different species found in the UK and Ireland.

Developed by the Earthworm Society of Britain, this ground-breaking book will allow anyone to identify the earthworms that live freely in our soils. The step by step key is accompanied by detailed descriptions and photographs of each species.

Although most gardeners cherish their earthworms, not so many take the time to look at these fascinating animals more closely. Up to 8 different species can be found in gardens alone, with many more in fields, woodland and wetlands. Despite this, earthworms are still some of the least recorded animals in the country.

As author Emma Sherlock, earthworms curator at the Natural History Museum London, writes: “I have realised when running identification courses for the public that many people struggle to get to grips with the main body features of earthworms. To get a full picture of what is happening around the UK we need many more recorders in many more places.”

The new Earthworms key is available by mail order for £9.50 (including p&p) from Field Studies Council.

Order the Earthworms key here  or by phoning 01952 208910

Thursday, October 11, 2012