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Museum tour for Young Darwins

FSC's Young Darwin Scholars recently enjoyed a visit to the Natural History Museum in London, for an exclusive tour.

Each year Field Studies Council, FSC, awards 15 Young Darwin Scholarships to young people aged 16-17 with a real passion for the natural world. The scholarship begins with a 5 day residential at an FSC centre learning a wide range of identification skills, developing bonds with each other and receiving support and guidance from a range of experts.

Once the residential is over the Scholars continue to receive support and regular meet up’s including this annual ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Natural History Museum in London.

Comments from some of the young people who attended included:

“From discovering the purpose of the museum as a ‘cathedral for nature’, learning of the first artificial hybrid, seeing Sir Hans Sloane’s rather large books to eyeing an expensive pair of sea silk gloves, the back stage pass was packed with snippets of curious facts.”

“It was amazing to see behind the scenes, especially Darwin's own specimens after learning so much about him on the Preston Montford residential! I also really liked the collections in the UK Centre for Biodiversity as my main interest is wildlife of the British Isles.”

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Monday, June 25, 2018