Oils and Acrylics are placed together because of broad similarities in the way the materials are handled. All oil and acrylic painting courses assume some prior experience of painting though not necessarily in oils or acrylics.

Which Oils and Acrylics Course is suitable for you?

Most courses offer a combination of outdoor and studio-based activities, although the exact balance of demonstrations, individual or group activities and one-to-one tuition varies according to the length and type of course.

Our tutors, many of them professional artists and teachers, share their knowledge and skills, give constructive criticism and help you to develop your confidence.

There are oils and acrylic courses for all abilities from complete beginners to experienced artists. The course titles and level descriptions highlight the degree of previous experience (if any) our tutors will be assuming when you meet on the first evening of a course. ‘Beginners’ courses start with basic principles. They show how you can appreciate and master essential techniques, using line, tone and colour to express form and ideas. If you already have some previous experience of painting in a particular medium or subject and wish to develop your style and technique further, choose an ‘Improvers’ course. Many courses are ‘Open to Everyone’; here the tutor is happy to accommodate a range of individual requirements within the course structure. For further information please visit our art course page below