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AQA GCSE Geography Fieldwork

FSC offers geography fieldwork across all primary and secondary levels.

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Physical and Human

Physical and Human Geographical Enquiry3 day

• Complete all fieldwork requirements.

• In-depth coverage of fieldwork within both human and physical environments, enabling students to get the grades they want within the Paper 3 exam: Geographical Applications.

• A choice of urban and physical topics to provide students with the in-depth geographical understanding needed for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams.

• Hone students’ geographical skills, by studying the interactions between physical and human geography using familiar and unfamiliar contexts

Fieldwork and Adventure5 day

Complete all fieldwork requirements, worth 15% of the qualification.

In-depth coverage of fieldwork in two contrasting locations needed for 3.3 Geographical Applications, enabling students to get the grades they want within the Paper 3 exam.

A choice of human and physical topics and choice of environments enabling students to visit two contrasting locations.         

Enjoy a choice of adventurous outdoor activities and team building games to offer students an exciting start to studying geography fieldwork.