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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 courses have clearly stated outcomes that enable teachers to quickly and easily book a fieldtrip, safe in the knowledge that it will be directly related to work taught in the classroom and will contribute to achieving the curriculum.

As well as exploring a different aspect of learning about the environment, each course will have a strong emphasis on developing personal confidence and team-building skills and will include activities to encourage cultural appreciation, artistic development and physical well being.

Nature Explorers1 day

This 4 hour session will cover life cycles, food webs, food chains and how organisms depend on one another for survival.

Environmental Responsibility1 day

This 4 hour session will focus on environmental sustainability and also examine other themes including recycling and renewable energy.

Mission Map Quest1 day

This 4 hour session focuses on map reading skills, such as understanding Ordnance Survey map symbols and using grid references, as well as working as part of a team.

Where Does Our Food Come From?1 day

This 4 hour session is designed to let pupils explore concepts of interdependence and movement on a global and local scale through the example of food.

Derrygonnelly: How Things Change!1 day

This 4 hour session, gives pupils an insight into how Derrygonnelly village has changed over time, how the village has expanded and how the use of buildings has altered.