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Biology (Science)

FSC Northern Ireland offers key stage 3 courses which cover science, geography, conservation and adventure activities.  Our courses create a fun learning experience that allows progression in teamworking skills, motivation and personal development for pupils at this stage.

A selection of courses are listed below which take place at FSC Belfast.  Please contact us if you would like to visit FSC Derrygonnelly with your Key Stage 3 students and we can create a course to meet your requirements.

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Email: [email protected]

What Nature Does for Us day

Students will gain an overview of the interactions between humans and their environment, and how we benefit everyday from the services provided by the ecosystems that surround us.  This session will also address the impacts that we have on the delicate balance of nature and what can be done to protect and preserve the essential ecosystems that maintain life on earth.

Science in Society day

This session allows students to gain an understanding of the role science plays in society. Students will learn about the practical applications of science in our society today. They will examine how science is portrayed in the media and explore ethical dilemmas arising from scientific developments through interactive debates. Students will also explore science careers through a fun Guess Who style game.