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At this important stage of education, fieldwork at FSC can be carried out in complete confidence with experienced field teachers delivering up-to-date course content linked to Curriculum for Excellence requirements.  Our courses teach the 2015 CfE content at all levels.

A trip to FSC Scotland provides an opportunity to cover key material from the Higher specifications and gives students an opportunity to apply skills of scientific inquiry and related biological knowledge and understanding to plan and conduct an investigation in a variety of environments.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We are continually updating our courses and can work with you to develop a course to suit your group.
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Higher Biology5 day

Linking to Sustainability and Interdependence students will investigate biodiversity and its threats such as invasive species and pollution. Ecological examples around the centre such as freshwater pollution on the River Ardle, the impact of introduced Rhododendron ponticumon biodiversity and a comparison of coniferous and deciduous woodlands are possible investigations. Linking to Metabolism and Survival, students will investigate the changing metabolic rate of aquatic organisms in response to external abiotic factors, such as barnacle feeding rate at Millport. 

Field work days will follow the investigation structure in which students create an investigation aim and hypothesis followed by field work sampling in a nearby ecosystem. We will then display the data in appropriate ways and statistically analyse it where appropriate, conclude and evaluate our investigation. Students then have the opportunity to plan and conduct their own investigation for write up in their assignment.