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Key Stage 4 Geography Fieldwork WJEC

FSC offers geography fieldwork across all primary and secondary levels.

The course listed below are for schools in Wales and follow the WJEC GCSE in geography specification approved by Qualification Wales. 

Help convince your senior leadership team with this why choose FSC document (pdf).

Complete all the fieldwork requirements
Fieldwork must be completed on two separate occasions, outside the classroom and school grounds in at least two contrasting environments. An FSC course can achieve this using a physical and a human environment. FSC can provide background information to assist schools in completing the fieldwork statement.

Learn and apply fieldwork skills
FSC’s expert field teachers will lead the teaching in real world, exemplar sites to ensure students gain the transferable knowledge, skills and understanding associated with the six stages of the fieldwork enquiry process. This will help them gain the grades they want within the fieldwork-related exam questions which is worth 20% of total marks, covering unfamiliar contexts as well as students’ own experiences.

Develop geographical, mathematical and statistical skills
Students will analyse contextualised data they have collected themselves to develop a greater understanding of the geographical, mathematical and statistical skills which are integrated within all components of each specification.

Inspire your students to think like a geographer
Inspire your students to think like a geographer by immersing them in stunning, real world environments and by using the latest geo-spatial technologies.


Fieldwork Enquiry: Methodological Approach and Conceptual Framework3 day

Complete the two fieldwork enquiries in contrasting locations and prepare students for Unit 3 - worth 20% of the qualification. Integrates mathematical, statistical and GIS techniques to improve students' confidence and competence.

Fieldwork and Adventure5 day

Complete all fieldwork requirements.

Complete the conceptual and methodological fieldwork enquiries and prepare students for the Unit 3: Fieldwork Enquiry, worth 20% of qualification.

Enjoy a choice of adventurous outdoor activities and team building games to offer students an exciting start to studying geography fieldwork.

Visit two contrasting locations, these can be Welsh landscapes when you visit one of our Centres in Wales or the borders.