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Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)

Give your IB Diploma ESS students an experience to remember in the UK on an FSC IB diploma fieldwork course.

Combine valuable time outdoors collecting primary data, learning fieldwork investigation techniques and carrying out individual projects to help towards the Internal Assessment, with a new and exciting cultural experience.

Our courses for the latest ESS specifications are available at our excellent UK destinations and led by our experienced and passionate staff. 

The course below is an example of what our centres can deliver and covers content for the syllabus first examined 2017. Please contact us to find out more or develop a course to suit your requirements.

Human Impacts and Conservation (and Internal Assessment Skills and Opportunities)6 day

A course for IB Diploma students.

Content for new syllabus first assessed 2017.

Cover content from Topics 1 to 5 (with applications to Topics 6 to 8) to help prepare for exams.

Develop skills for practical work and individual investigation.