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Field courses at our centres offer:

  • High quality field sites in stunning natural landscapes within or close to protected areas of national conservation and biodiversity importance - either within walking distance or a short drive away
  • Fully risk assessed field sites with prior access agreements
  • Well equipped, WiFi enabled classrooms, lecture rooms and laboratories
  • Range of field equipment, microscopes and species identification guides
  • Fieldwork support and local advice from trained Field Centre staff
  • Links with local conservation partners such as NNRs and National Parks.


The range of habitats on our doorstep makes courses at our centres ideal for teaching biological recording, taxonomic skills and field techniques as well as key ecological concepts, such as succession, zonation and ecological energetics. Each of our centres will be able to offer a different suite of habitats for example:

Slapton – freshwater, woodland, grassland, shingle ridge, rocky shore

Malham - freshwater, woodland, upland and limestone grassland, mires

Preston Montford – freshwater, mires, moorland, grassland, woodland

Orielton – rocky shores, sand dunes, coastal grassland, woodland

Dale Fort – rocky shore, salt marsh, marine conservation, plankton, woodland, coastal grassland

Blencathra – moorland, mountain, freshwater, woodland

Kindrogan - moorland, mountain, freshwater, woodland

Derrygonnelly – moorland, mountain, freshwater, woodland, grassland, rocky shore

Some centres have additional facilities such as a sea-going research vessel at Millport and a RIB for near shore sampling at Dale Fort. Most centres are able to offer sessions on local conservation management issues. Slapton Ley manages the adjacent Slapton NNR. Malham Tarn is adjacent to Malham Tarn NNR. We can also host more specialist courses such as parasitology and forensic ecology.

Course Design

Courses can be completely taught by FSC staff or co-taught with University staff. FSC tutors are able to lead the fieldwork component or to provide specialist lectures. Alternatively you can lead your own course with support provided by FSC staff prior to and during the course. You are entitled to a free pre-visit to help plan your course.

Dr Mark Ward (FSC Higher Education Officer) is available to discuss details and options with you on 01743 852100 or by email [email protected] , or fill in the booking enquiry form below: 

Booking Enquiry

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