• Wildflowers: An Introduction to Botanical Skills

    This beginner-level course on botany will introduce you to the key features of flowering plants and will guide you through using these to identify wildflowers. As you become familiar with the features of plants from a range of different species, your confidence and ability to use field guides…

  • Our Policies and Procedures

    Customer Information Customer Information Document: We are proud of our long history of safe, enjoyable educational visits. The enthusiasm, and commitment of our staff in working to our systems and procedures is just one way that our staff ensure a positive experience for our customers.

  • Field Studies Council Youth Council

    The Field Studies Council  Youth Council is a group of twelve proactive young naturalists aged 16-25 from across the UK helping to steer Field Studies Council engagement and content. They act as representatives for other young people who engage with the charity. The Field Studies Council is committed…

  • Planning

    Using the enquiry approach to structure your investigation

  • Wildflower Folklore and Foraging

     In this beginner course, you will learn about a variety of wildflowers and their traditional uses. You will also learn to identify certain edible plants and how to use them in meals. This course will cover: Some of the traditional domestic uses of a selection of wildflowersSome of the…