• Identifying BLT in Winter 4

    i liked there being alot of photos and disagrams in the learning materials.i was really pleased to learn that some trees were surviving ash die back disease 🙂… Read More

  • Disco Marine Inverts 18

    There is so much to learn. It is very clear, well illustrated. The tutor is not only extremely knowledgeable but also really passionate about the subject. Read More

  • Discovering Marine Inverts Online 16

    Overall, I really enjoyed this course. Despite recognising that the course was likely to be pitched below my current knowledge of the subject, I feel that there is always more to learn – and this was upheld through participation. I appreciate that formulating, and pulling together, a course like this… Read More

  • Discovering Marine Inverts online

    I have a massive interest in marine invertebrates, but am having to learn from books, websites etc as I am in land-locked Cambridgeshire. The fact that there is an online course on this subject is just marvellous…. Read More

  • Geography and Geology Camp

    Our Geography and Geology camp offers a fantastic opportunity to extend your experience and knowledge whilst being inspired by how geology and geography can shape your future. Read more This course is aimed at students aged 16-25 with an interest in geology and geography, whether they have studied the… Read More