• Paula Lightfoot

    Paula Lightfoot is passionate about recording marine wildlife and habitats, from rockpools to shipwrecks. Paula is a tutor and regional coordinator for the national recording scheme Seasearch in north east England and is currently undertaking PhD research at Newcastle University in predictive seabed habitat mapping. As a Trustee of the… Read More

  • Eileen Cox

    Eileen Cox is Head of Post Graduate Studies at the Natural History Museum, London, with an extensive research background and a particular interest in the taxonomy and ecology of diatoms. She has published over 100 scientific papers and completed a key to the identification of live diatoms. She has run… Read More

  • Elliot Shubert

    Elliot Shubert is Editor-in-Chief of Systematics and Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum, London. His research interests are phenotypic plasticity, gene expression and cell wall chemistry in the freshwater green alga, Desmodesmus. Previously, he was Professor of Biology at the University of North Dakota USA for 21 years where he… Read More

  • Martin Robinson

    Martin Robinson is a freelance ecological surveyor and the Vice-County Plant Recorder for East Perthshire. He has wide interests and nothing either growing or moving will be ignored on this wide-ranging course. Read More

  • Ian Powell

    Ian Powell is a former ecology tutor with the FSC at Slapton Ley and on overseas courses to South America. He now teaches undergraduate and masters courses in conservation biology at Edge Hill University and carries out botanical and butterfly surveys and research in the Yorkshire Dales National Park… Read More

  • Kate Houghton

    Kate Houghton is a free-lance artist and mural painter. She has a keen interest in the role drawing can play in learning about our native flora. Kate graduated with an M. A. in Fine art from Reading University going on to be awarded a Boise Traveling Scholarship by the Slade… Read More

  • Leslie Williams

    Leslie has managed organic meadows for harvesting of hay, for their wildlife and for people. He has restored a two hectare hay meadow and has created meadows as features on garden lawns. He is the Butterfly recorder for London Natural History Society and is currently working on a project to… Read More

  • Kindrogan Tutors

    This course will be led by experienced tutors from Kindrogan Field Centre who will share their knowledge and passion for the outdoors with you. Read More

  • Lisa Worledge

    Lisa is Head of Conservation Services at the Bat Conservation Trust. A licensed bat worker, she is a member of several bat groups and a Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor for Natural England. Lisa became addicted to these amazing animals after her first bat walk in 2008. Lisa has an MSc… Read More

  • Helen Miller

    Helen has a Master’s degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and studied the winter activity of the cape serotine bat in South Africa for her dissertation. A licensed bat worker with over 10 years’ experience in bat conservation, including as a Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor. Read More