• Jennifer Andrews

    Jennifer Andrews trained at Oxford School of Art, followed by three years at the Royal College. She lives in Suffolk working as a freelance artist/designer. When she is not painting, Jennifer is gardening – she maintains the garden at Flatford and has created her own cottage style garden at home.

  • Lesley Smith

    Lesley Smith has been teaching botanical illustration and watercolour painting in adult education for over 30 years, and is also a qualified Pergamano tutor. She runs several very popular courses throughout the year at Flatford and has been teaching for over 20 years at the Redbridge institute of adult education…

  • Lucia Ruffino

    Lucia Ruffino is a bryologist and free-lance botanical surveyor living and working in North Wales. Lucia’s botanical knowledge has developed over the years from an amateur background and she now specialises in NVC surveys in upland and peatland habitats.

  • Matt Parratt

    Matt Parratt is a qualified biologist and has worked as a research scientist for the Forestry Commission for 18 years. During that time he has worked extensively on tree and shrub seed and seedling biology and ecology. His work on the conservation of rare and endangered trees from around the…

  • Christina Sinclair

    Christina studied Marine Biology at the University of St Andrews and throughout her degree she developed a love of scuba diving and dived in Honduras, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and even balmy Scotland! After graduating she worked in Edinburgh Zoo as an Animal Presenter, working predominantly in the…

  • Mark O’Connor

    Mark O’Connor has been delivering Outdoor Education and Training programmes across the island of Ireland for over 12 years and has been with the Field Studies Council since January 2017. Mark’s teaching style is very much participant focused, with an emphasis on discovery learning through exploration and enjoyment.

  • Claire Madder

    Claire has been beading for 20 years and is a member of the Beadworkers Guild with whom she is an ambassador for International Bead Week and the Bead Society. She has travelled the UK, Czech Republic and USA in search of new beads and techniques. Beads have taken over a…

  • Mark Cockram

    Mark Cockram is a full time bookbinder with over 40 years experience working with the book. Mark was elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2001, Brother of the Art Workers Guild in 2008 and more recently, in 2017, was the Faculty Fellow for the New York Centre for Book Arts.

  • Centre Staff

    This course will be led by our experienced and enthusiastic tutors.

  • Linda Matthews

    Linda Matthews has worked as a full time artist and tutor for 18 years. She is inspired by everything around her, she enjoys sharing the essentials of painting in the studio so you can experience fully the freedom of painting from life – en plein air – out of doors.